KISS Driving Instructor in Wallington, Surrey

Our KISS driving instructor Uthayan Elay provides lessons in an automatic and manual car in the following postcode locations: CR2, CR4, CR8, SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, SM5, SM6.

View information below on Uthayan's car(s) (make and model), lessons costs and special offers.

You can book your driving lessons by calling Uthayan directly or use the contact form below to send Uthayan a message.

If you wish, you can call us on 0845 245 0405 or 07760 754517 (9am-5pm) and we will arrange for the instructor to contact you.
Book Direct with Uthayan Elay on 07947 279892
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    I live in Wallington with my family and trained with KISS Driving School to become a driving instructor a few years ago. I like to help my pupils to save money and learn quickly so I encourage them to use our free training aids and do a little bit of reading in their spare time. If you don’t have any spare time don’t worry because we explain things clearly and help every step of the way.

    My pupils say I make it very easy to learn to drive and they enjoy the learning experience, in part because I am calm when I teach. I can also teach in both English and Tamil. Please feel free to call and if you leave a message I will call you back.
    Uthayan Elay
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    Many thanks to my instructor Uthayan, a very nice guy with a great capability of teaching. His teaching is always effective and informative. My feeling is that he can teach students in accordance with their aptitude, which makes the learning smooth. With his help, I passed my test the first time. Thank you Uthayan, it was an amazing experience to learn from you.
    Richard Zhang
    My driving instructor, Uthayan, was great! I’d look forward to every driving lesson just because of how welcoming he was! Not only did he teach me how to drive and help me pass my test but he also made me feel so much more confident as a person! He is a very patient and funny instructor, and is the only reason I was able to pass first time round when I thought I needed at least 3 attempts!
    I had an great experience learning how to drive with Uthayan. He taught everything in a very efficient and friendly way. He is also very flexible with times and accommodated my schedule.
    I had an amazing experience learning how to drive with Uthayan. He taught everything in such way that is easy to pick up and apply practically. I don't think I would have been able to pass in such short space of time if it wasn't for him. He was a very friendly instructor who remained calm and is very dedicated to his career. Thanks a lot.
    Thanusa Srikantharajah
    Can’t thank you enough for all the help & support you gave me over the last week to pass my test. You are a great teacher & the way you teach is amazing it really helped me especially the “if you could walk it, you can drive it.” Uthayan thank you again.
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