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Our KISS driving instructor Kaye Wilkins provides intensive driving courses in a manual car in all GU postcodes (GU1-GU95) and all RG postcodes (RG1-RG45).

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Please Note: We require that you fill in our Intensive Driving Course form to provide us with your essential details and preferences. Kaye will then contact you directly and agree on the intensive driving lesson package and your starting date.

If you are not sure if an intensive driving course is for you, call Kaye on 07498 826801 to discuss the course options below or use the contact form to send Kaye a message. If you wish, you can call us on 0845 245 0405 or 07760 754517 (9am-5pm) and we will arrange for the instructor to contact you.
*Prices quoted below include the cost of the DVSA Practical test booking fee.
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  • Option 1: 8Hrs for £292
    If you have failed your practical driving test this course should be sufficient to help you get it right. You get 5 hours of tuition + 3 hours for the test.
  • Option 2: 13hrs for £417
    Spread over 2 to 4 days, this course is for drivers looking to simply complete their training. You get 10 hours of tuition + 3 hours for the test.
  • Option 3: 21hrs for £617
    If you have had between 10 and 20 hours of driving lessons and have little time, we suggest doing 4 to 6 hours over 3 to 4 days then take the test at the end of the programme. You get 18 hours of tuition + 3 hours for the test.
  • Option 4: 28hrs for £792
    Basic car control (5 hours) would be an advantage for this intensive driving course. We teach beginners to pass their test, but recommend more hours to develop good skills. You get 25 hours tuition + 3 hours for the test.
  • Option 5: 33hrs for £917
    Our driving  instructors can teach you as fast as you can learn. This is the minimum we recommend for beginners and less confident learners.  Please allow 10 days to complete. You get 30 hours of tuition + 3 hours for the test.
  • Option 6: 43hrs for £1,167
    This intensive driving course delivers a solid skill base to teach you safe driving for life.  If you achieve your goal early you could use the remaining hours for post test motorway and other driving lessons. You get 40 hours of tuition + 3 hours for the test.
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    • MANUAL
    • DIESEL
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    I work with KISS Driving School and provide Intensive driving courses throughout the GU and RG postcode areas. I am a fun, friendly female KISS Driving Instructor and have been teaching for 8+ years so have patience and experience to ensure I help you to achieve your goal and enjoy yourself at the same time.
    Kaye Wilkins
  •   Latest Feedback
    Massive thank you to Kaye who helped me pass my test, after 22 hours with her, Kaye is such a lovely lady who is sure to make you feel confident and at ease. I had a great week with her! Thank you Kaye x
    Chantelle Coles
    I have just finished my 28 hour intensive course with Kaye and passed my test with only 4 minors. I had bad previous experience with instructors and I knew from the very first day I would get on well with Kaye. She was always extremely patient with me and built my confidence in my driving ability everyday. I would definitely recommend using KISS if you are looking to pass with confidence.
    Chloe Russell
    Kaye was a really great instructor who taught me all I needed to know! She had a great balance between being pushy and being kind, and she clearly cared about getting me to pass my test. Although it was sometimes stressful, I am incredibly thankful!
    Peter Cuthbert
    Straight from the moment I enquired about booking a course, Jennifer from head office was so helpful and got me straight in contact with Kaye. I booked a 28 hour course and from day one Kaye immediately eased my nerves and after having a bad experience with a different instructor, got me straight on the right path to passing my test! She is one of the friendliest people I have met and we had a great laugh the entire week. She taught me everything in the best way possible and when it came to doing my test, we had some bad luck and couldn't do it but Jennifer in the office got straight on the phone to DVSA and managed to get me another test on the same day and I passed first time with only one minor!! I really could not recommend Kaye enough, she is not just a great instructor but a lovely person as well! Thank you again for getting me on the road!
    Becky Thorpe
    After failing twice before I’d almost given up as my nerves always got the better of me...Kaye Wilkins and an 18 hour package got me through. Kaye had made me feel at ease. I was so comfortable with her and her teaching style. I cannot recommend Kaye enough. Whether nerves beat you or you’ve never had a lesson. If you want it to be an enjoyable experience. Pick Kaye.
    Sabba Ahmed
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    Kaye Wilkins

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