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Testimonials From KISS Drive Pupils

Massive thank you to Antony Brewer, who was my Instructor for the past months. Antony is not only a very thorough instructor, he is also very friendly and supportive. He was flexible around my work and family commitments and reliable. Antony is very patient and has an excellent teaching methods. He always give helpful feedback after each driving section. Learning the manoeuvres was quite challenging for me but his calm and patient approach eventually proved that an old (ish) dog can actually be taught a new trick. He taught me in a way that not only ensured I passed my test, but also emphasized skills that would give me a lifetime of safe driving. Above all, I really appreciate him for his encouraging words just before I started the test which gave a massive boost to my confidence and I eventually pass my test with 4 minors few days ago. I strongly recommend him. Huge thank you to Antony from my Girls. I look forward to purchasing a hard earned set of wheels and a life time of safe driving.
Abidemi Oladoyinbo
Antony Brewer is an outstanding driving instructor, he was extremely patient and I feel he met and dealt with my individual needs and worries. I highly recommend him and the company, very pleased with everything.
I just passed my driving test in the first attempt with 3 minor faults and extremely satisfied with the KISS driving school and the quality of the service my instructor Antony Brewer offered me in a very short period of time. Antony gradually improved my confidence and he really is an experienced, well organised and a very friendly trainer with great teaching skills. I surely recommend him to any one who lives around Maidenhead and really needs to get this done in quality and without any time wasting. I finally would like to thank Antony and it was really nice to get trained with him. Thanks.
Janaka Hapuhinna
I passed my practical driving test successfully at my first attempt (6 minor faults) with my KISS instructor Antony Brewer. He was very thorough and patient during every lesson we had together. It was a great pleasure to work with my instructor who was always calm and good-tempered. I enjoyed working with him and progressed steadily through learning from him. Not only is he able to teach all the subjects and cover the essential skills I needed for passing the practical driving test, but his positive approach and constant encouragement also helped build up my confidence on the road after having obtained the certificate. I highly recommend Antony.
Antony Brewer was the reason I passed my driving test. He was patient, understanding and was able to adapt to my needs as a new driver. He made sure we had covered all basis which allowed me to feel 100% ready for my test. I would definitely recommend Antony to anyone in need of a decent instructor.
Andre Silva