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  • How many hours do I need for my course?
    We offer a pre-course assessment lesson. This is a 90 minute driving lesson for £30 (manual car) or £35.00 (automatic car). The lesson will be conducted with the KISS Instructor who will be your Instructor for the full course. After this lesson you and your Instructor can decide which course would best suit your requirements. You can ensure you are satisfied with the progress you made and the service provided by the KISS Instructor allocated for the course.
  • How do I know how much my course will cost?
    We will provide a quotation for your course after you have taken the pre-course assessment. If you do not want a pre-course assessment then we will quote you for your chosen course. Course costs vary depending on area and what test appointments you require included in the package.
  • What do I need in order to book an Intensive course?
    You must hold a current provisional license for a car.
  • Do I need to pass my theory test before the course?
    If you wish to take your DSA Practical test on the last day of the course you must have a current theory pass certificate. We can include a theory booking fee in your package and the dates for the intensive course will be agreed with your Instructor once you have passed your theory test.
  • How do I book the dates I require?
    You can arrange your dates directly with your KISS driving instructor.
  • When/Who do I pay for the course?
    When you have agreed dates for the course with your KISS Instructor you pay a £200 non-refundable deposit to secure the course dates. Payment can be made to the KISS office by card. Credit card payments attract a 2.5% processing fee. Debit card payments are charged a 50p processing fee per payment.
  • What is my deposit used for?
    When your deposit is paid we book your practical test appointment with the DSA from the payment. The rest of the deposit is held in our Clients Deposit account to be transferred to your KISS Instructor on the first day of your course.
  • When do I pay the balance of my course fees?
    If you wish to pay the balance by card, payment is due 3-4 days prior to the course start date to the KISS Office. You can, by prior arrangement, pay the Instructor the balance in cash on the first day of your course.
  • Who books my practical test?
    We endeavour to provide a DVSA test appointment to coincide with your preferred course dates. The DSA charge £62.00 for a weekday Practical Driving test appointment. If your local test centres are heavily booked, course dates should be arranged once the first available DVSA test appointment has been secured.
  • So how do I book my intensive driving course?
    To book with KISS, just fill in the intensive driving course form, which allows us to provide you with the correct location, your course option and starting date.

    Intensive Driving Course Form (Manual Drivers)

    Intensive Driving Course Form (Automatic Drivers)
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