KISS Driving Instructors in Middlesex

Please use the search bar below to find KISS driving instructors covering your postcode area in Middlesex. You can book your driving lessons by calling our driving instructors directly. If you wish, you can call us on 0845 245 0405 or 07760 754517 (9am-5pm) and we will arrange for the instructor to contact you.
  • Instructor: Amina Abderrahman
    Telephone: 07824 507701
    Postcodes Covered: TW1, TW2, TW3, TW4, TW5, TW6, TW 7, TW8, TW9, TW9, TW10, TW11, TW12, TW13, TW14, TW15, TW16
    View Amina's Webpage
  • Instructor: Dwayne Wilmot
    Telephone: 07935 712123
    Postcodes Covered: SL0, SL1, SL3, UB3, UB4, UB7, UB8, UB11
    View Dwayne's Webpage
  • Instructor: Elvin
    Telephone: 07943 794151
    Postcodes Covered: HA0, HA1, HA2, HA3, HA4, UB1, UB2, UB3, UB4, UB5, UB6, UB7, UB8, UB9, UB10, UB11, W3, W5, W7, W13.
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  • Instructor: Geta Kour
    Telephone: 07846 278841
    Postcodes Covered: HA0, HA2, HA5, HA9, TW8, UB6
    View Geta's Webpage
  • Instructor: Mike Entwistle
    Telephone: 07722 795673
    Postcodes Covered: TW5, TW6, TW13, TW14, TW15, TW16
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  • Instructor: Rob
    Telephone: 07813 073491
    Postcodes Covered: HA1, HA2 HA4, HA5, HA6, UB3, UB4, UB5, UB6, UB7, UB8, UB9, UB10
    View Rob's Webpage
  • Instructor: Tony Moriera
    Telephone: 07966 962433
    Postcodes Covered: UB1, UB2, UB3, UB4, UB5, UB7, UB8, UB10
    View Tony's Webpage
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